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Is Botox for You?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you could design the road map of your face as you age? Would you smooth out a wrinkle here of there? Brighten up your complexion? Lift those eyebrows just a smidge? You no longer have to sit back and let genetics and life carve out your face. You and a simple tool called Botox can take charge.

What are the Reasons for Botox Treatment?

When most people hear the word "Botox" they think of crow's feet and wrinkles on their foreheads. While Botox is great for those wrinkles, it also has some great uses in the medical industry, specifically with some forms of pain.

If you've been thinking about Botox for your pain issues with TMJ and migraines, let us help you get rid of that pain at .

What Is Botox?

Botox is actually short for botulinum toxin, which is a toxin the bacteria clostridium botulinum makes. In fact, botulism used to be a deadly form of food poisoning.

However, scientists who were studying the botulinum toxin noticed that the toxin had some interesting properties. Botulinum toxin can temporarily freeze muscles and nerves.

Scientists began using Botox for several medical conditions, including some neurological disorders and muscle disorders. Botox is injected in several spots around the problem area with tiny needles, so there is relatively little pain.

Does Botox Help TMJ?

If you have been told you have TMJ, what you actually have is an inflammation of the temporomandibular joint or your jaw joint. TMJ can be extremely painful, as the inflammation can cause your jaw to freeze, making it difficult to open and close it.

Because TMJ is an inflammation of the muscles around your jaw joint, Botox has been proven by researchers to be very effective in the treatment of TMJ. In fact, nearly all of the participants in medical trials saw their jaw movement improve drastically and their pain level decrease for up to three months after Botox injections.

To treat TMJ, dentists inject a small amount of Botox using tiny needles into your forehead, at your temples, and your jaw muscles so that they relax. You should begin to feel the results of the Botox injections soon after they are administered. In general, Botox injections take about an hour to administer.

Can Botox Help With My Migraines?

Another amazing use of Botox is for migraines. Migraines affect about 10 percent of the American population, and it is far more common in women than in men.

Whether you are a man or a woman, migraines are extremely painful and can cause debilitating side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound.

While there are now quite a few treatments for people who suffer from chronic migraine - which are migraines that occur more than 15 days in a month - some migraine sufferers have found that Botox is extremely effective in combating migraines, and can cut the number of days they suffer from migraines in half.

Like with TMJ, Botox for migraines is injected around the forehead, temples, face, and neck using tiny needles. Unlike TMJ treatments with Botox, it may take a few days or weeks for you to really notice whether the Botox is working or not. Migraine patients usually get Botox injections every three to four months.

Below are some of the Botox Treatments available With us:

•  Botox for Treating Migraines
•  TMJ Treatment With Botox
•  Botox for Cosmetics

Botox is a tool used to take control of your face as you age. You do not need to be tied down to genetics or past stresses that took a toll on your face. Botox is not a radical change but a subtle more youthful appearance to your face.

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You no longer have to sit back and let genetics and life carve out your face. You and a simple tool called Botox can take charge. Click the link to learn more.
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