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Bite Adjustment
Moorestown, NJ

Woman smiling and touching her jaw at Optimum Oral Surgery Group. Your bite, or occlusion, refers to how your teeth, and your jaws, fit together when you bite down. If your bite is aligned properly, your mouth can function normally, and you probably do not spend that much time thinking about it or the actions it performs. However, if your bite is off, it can lead to serious complications, including pain and trouble performing basic functions. Optimum Oral Surgery Group can help to correct your bite with a bite adjustment.

What is a Bad Bite?

A healthy, natural bite lines up properly and distributes pressure evenly amongst all of your teeth and throughout your jaws. Your teeth are made to line up in a very specific way. A bad bite also called a malocclusion, is when your teeth or jaws do not line up correctly when you bite down. With a bad bite, your oral health, your smile, and your overall quality of life are all significantly impacted.

What Causes a Bad Bite?

There are several different issues that can contribute to a bad bite. These include:
•  Chipped teeth.
•  Bruxism, or grinding and clenching of your teeth.
•  Missing one or more teeth.
•  Overcrowding.
•  Prior dental work, such as dental crowns or dental bridges.
•  Loose teeth.

Complications Caused by a Bad Bite

A bad bite can cause several significant complications. These complications include
•  Pain in your jaws and temporomandibular joints. With a bad bite, your bite pressure is unevenly distributed. Over time, uneven pressure can lead to significant pain in your jaws and your TMJ. It can even become so severe that basic functions like eating and speaking become incredibly difficult.
•  Uneven pressure can lead to uneven tooth wear. It can also contribute to tooth damage, such as chips and fracturing.
•  Damage to, or failure of, dental restorations due to excessive pressure.
•  Gum recession.
•  Chronic headaches and earaches.
•  Loss of bone mass in your jaw.

Bite Adjustments

A bite adjustment is a very effective treatment that is performed to provide you with a healthier, natural bite. It also aids in evenly distributing your bite pressures amongst your teeth. There are a few different procedures that may be performed. Based on a thorough dental examination, we can help determine the best course of action to provide you with the best possible results. A bite adjustment may include procedures such as:
•  Recontouring the biting surfaces of your teeth. This is a procedure that involves drilling or filing away small, specific areas of your tooth enamel to help your teeth come together correctly when you bite down. As a result, your bite pressures are distributed evenly.
•  Repairing broken teeth. Depending on the severity of the damage, this may be done using dental bonding or a dental crown.
•  Filling cavities or replacing old, worn out fillings.
•  Extracting severely damaged teeth. After these teeth have been extracted, they then need to be replaced, usually with dental implants.
•  Orthodontics. Orthodontic treatment, such as braces or clear aligners, help to correct poorly aligned teeth, correcting your bite.
•  An oral splint. Also called a night guard or occlusal device, this oral appliance is made from an impression of your mouth and is designed to help keep your jaws in proper alignment to prevent grinding and clenching.

Treating your bad bite can help to alleviate pain and allows your mouth to function normally once more. Call Optimum Oral Surgery Group today at (856)778-8686 to learn more and schedule your appointment.

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Bite Adjustment | Optimum Oral Surgery - Moorestown, NJ
If your bite is off, it can lead to serious complications, including pain and trouble performing basic functions. Optimum Oral Surgery Group can help to correct your bite with a bite adjustment. Click to learn more.
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