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Teeth in a Day - Same Day Dental Implants
Moorestown, Voorhees, and Mullica Hill, NJ

There is nothing more fulfilling than having your teeth fixed. Since your time is so valuable, this is especially true when your tooth extraction and dental replacement are completed in just one day. You don't want to wait for a long time to get a great new set of pearly whites, which is something we understand here at Optimum Oral Surgery Group.

We make the possibility of having all this work done in just one day become a reality for you. It does not matter if you need a single tooth replacement or a comprehensive full mouth restoration. If you are a good candidate for the procedure, we can place your teeth in just one day. We want to make sure you continue feeling confident. With this in mind, we know there is no better way to do this than to give you a healthy, gorgeous smile.

Get a Gorgeous Smile in One Day

You no longer have to wait for two or three months to get your dental implants. In the past, this was the time frame dentists said was necessary so healing could take place. During this time, you would have to live with the discomfort of having to wear dentures. This wasn’t only awkward, but it was also an unwelcome experience for many people.

Today there is the revolutionary procedure of having a surgery and getting your teeth replaced in just one day. It does require an appropriate workup and exhaustive planning so that on the date of your scheduled surgery, your bad teeth are extracted, and a non-removable denture is secured. Four to six months later, your permanent prosthesis is attached.

You do not have to worry about your non-removable denture, though, since it has the advantages of both removable dentures and a fixed replacement. As such, it safely adheres to your mouth where it feels natural without the bulky feeling you would experience when wearing removable dentures. With your non-removable denture in place, you can eat, talk, and smile just like you would with your natural teeth. Additionally, you won’t have any food particles trapped where they would make your mouth feel sore. This lets you enjoy all types of food.

Getting your new teeth in a single day offers you nothing but comfort and convenience. You simply walk in for the procedure and walk out wearing a new set of pearly, white teeth.

Get Teeth in a Day With Our Help

Optimum Oral Surgery Group is the place to go for this procedure. Putting a smile on your face is important to us, and we will do this without any hassle. We recognize that there is more to your smile than meets the eye. Your smile is an acknowledgment of emotional and physical wellbeing, so we want to remove any inconvenience that comes with getting new replacement teeth. We aim to have our patients live a normal life without the limitations of replacement or temporary teeth.

Experience this life changing offer today! Call us now at (856)778-8686, to find out more!

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Teeth in a Day | Optimum Oral Surgery Group - Moorestown, NJ
At Optimum Oral Surgery, we specialize in the teeth in a day procedure. This prevents you from waiting for a long time to get a new set of teeth with same day dental implants. Click to learn more.
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